Staff Profile

Meet Patrick

Patrick is our General Manager and is on most days at the hotel so you will see his friendly face at the front reception or around the grounds.

Patrick enjoys meeting new people, loves seeing the smiles on our guest’s faces when they enjoy our hotel and service.

Patrick loves the outdoors in his spear time. He enjoys Mountain Biking, Hiking, Jogging in the redwoods & Swimming in the Lake in the summer months.

As well as the rest of the team, Patrick works hard to give you the best possible stay and service at Black Swan Lakeside Boutique Hotel


Be Organised!Don’t get stuck in the wrong place!

If you are a frequent traveller around there are the specific things you need to watch out for around your NZ travels, or any country in fact.

There is nothing worse than getting stuck somewhere because there has been a hill slip on your way to your next destination and you have been driving around for 5 hours to wait for the road to open……and then have to find late night accommodation. true story….

Be informed on your New Zealand travels so you DON’T get stuck

You must know the local culture

Before you should do any travelling to any country do your homework first especially on the local culture. You don’t want to make a fool of yourself or get yourself into trouble……

We are lucky in New Zealand though as we have so many different cultures in our country not alot of big things you need to know here is a couple things though that you need to be aware of.

If visiting a Marae, make sure to familiarise yourself with the appropriate etiquette

Te Ara has a list of dos and don’ts that will help you get started. Key cultural norms to keep in mind include taking your shoes off before entering the Marae, not sitting anywhere you’d place food, and following the right protocols during the Powhiri (welcome) ceremony. Aside for being a sign of cultural sensitivity, getting a few Maori phrases under your belt can also help you get the gist of everything you’ll be exposed to.

The start of our Renovations

Oh we are so excited!!At the moment the hotel is closed for renovations and we have been getting snippets of the work that has been getting done so far! Our staff are enjoying a few days off so we can spruce up the place for our wonderful guests, to give them the best of the best and of course our staff will be refreshed and ready to return with a nice surprise!